BackupPC BackupFilesExclude not working for rsync?

1. Use keys (which represent the transfer root) for greater clarity
2. Exclude needs to be relative to the transfer root
3. Make sure you’re using rsync exclude syntax properly!

For example, I have a RsyncShareName /service, under which is a chroot environment containing /proc, /var/lib/mysql etc. I want those folders to exist in my backup, but not their contents (for obvious reasons). Therefore, I made a BackupFilesExclude key /service and for it I added /proc/** and /var/lib/mysql/**. Works as intended.

How to remove anti-reflective coating from sunglasses

After investigating how to do it on the net, since I didn’t have access to all of those fancy polishing pastes nor solutions which dissolve the coating, I polished my Ray-Bans with Colgate Triple Action toothpaste. Result? Flawless!

Toothpaste has been used for ages to correct minor scratches on CDs and as we all know, CD surface is very fragile. Try it for yourself on a CD and see if your toothpaste scratches it and if not, I would say it is safe to use on your sunglasses.