BackupPC can’t backup cPanel host

You probably noticed that BackupPC fails to backup your cPanel host over rsync with the following error:

Got fatal error during xfer (fileListReceive failed)

Nothing else. Nada.

If you increase the ssh verbosity, you will see that there is an error stdin: is not a tty.

It turns out that cPanel adds mesg y to your .bashrc and /etc/bashrc, which somehow messes up the remote rsync data channel over ssh.

To overcome this issue, add on top of your .bashrc and /etc/bashrc on cPanel host:

Nagios: check_imap_login

Since I didn’t find a check_imap Nagios plugin with the login feature, response time measurement with perfdata output, as well as flexible warning and critical thresholds, a colleague of mine and I have modified an existing check_imap_login plugin by Bertera Pietro and uploaded it on Github:


check_imap_login -u -p -H [-s] -w -c
-s is for using IMAPS

SoX, yeah!