Nagios: check_imap_login

Since I didn’t find a check_imap Nagios plugin with the login feature, response time measurement with perfdata output, as well as flexible warning and critical thresholds, a colleague of mine and I have modified an existing check_imap_login plugin by Bertera Pietro and uploaded it on Github:


check_imap_login -u -p -H [-s] -w -c
-s is for using IMAPS

BackupPC BackupFilesExclude not working for rsync?

1. Use keys (which represent the transfer root) for greater clarity
2. Exclude needs to be relative to the transfer root
3. Make sure you’re using rsync exclude syntax properly!

For example, I have a RsyncShareName /service, under which is a chroot environment containing /proc, /var/lib/mysql etc. I want those folders to exist in my backup, but not their contents (for obvious reasons). Therefore, I made a BackupFilesExclude key /service and for it I added /proc/** and /var/lib/mysql/**. Works as intended.